Presentations and Essays

Here is a selection of slides from presentations that I have given and some essays that I wrote at The University of Warwick.  You can download them via the links. It includes presentations relating to my research into the Mental Health of language teachers, my research into teacher autonomy in learning ICT tools and a guide to living in Riyadh, which I wrote for Bell Educational Trust in 2010!


This is a slide (image version only) of a Presentation given at the Image Conference, Brussels on 6 October 2019. Most of the clips that were shown are taken from the videos available from the tab at the top.


Click on the links on the following to download the slides:

IATEFL Conference, Liverpool, April 2019

IATEFL Liverpool 2019 Workshop


English UK Conference, Borough, London, January 2019

Looking after your teachers – Academic Managers Day

How to Stay Well in the Classroom – being mentally fit


ELT Malta Conference, October 2018

7th ELT Malta Conference Workshop


IATEFL Webinar, June 2018


Mental Health Awareness (Training) for Employers within ELT


IATEFL Conference, Brighton, April 2018

IATEFL 2018 Talk Slides


International House Webinar, March 2018

Not available, but the recording is available by clicking on this link (Adobe Connect) or you can watch it on YouTube.


Slides for my Learning Technologies SIG webinar, September 2013


Article in the Learner Autonomy SIG newsletter, 2013


If you want to read my full dissertation ‘Autonomy in Learning ICT and Web Tools for the English Language Teaching Classroom’ from 2012 this can be accessed via my ICT in ELT blog. which was an assessed module on my Masters at the University of Warwick.


Essay on a process of Peer or co-operative development and reflection from 2012


Lexis and Grammar essay from 2012


Second Language Acquisition essay from 2011



Professional Practice essay, 2012:


..and finally

A guide to living in Riyadh, which I put together for Bell Educational Trust, 2010:

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