#ELTchat Summaries

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On this page you will find a link to sixteen summaries that I contributed for the weekly Twitter chat forum, #ELTchat (2010-2019).  The chat used to take place every Wednesday at 7pm GMT (UK time), although it alternated over the years, and lasted around one hour. For a full list of searchable summaries from the beginning please click here.  Note: The links might not work as the site is under development or suspended.

The moderators have been many. They were, at the time of the forum taking a long sabbatical, the following four people:  Marisa Constantinides (@Marisa_C), Sue Annan (@sueannan), Fiona Price (@Fionaljp) and Angelos Bollas (@Angelos_Bollas).  There is a Facebook Group here, which is one of the places to go to find out about a possible return, along with with Twitter.

@VickySaumell is carrying out some research into the perceptions of teachers who use #ELTchat regarding its use in the continuous professional development of teachers of English. I completed her survey in 2020 and was interviewed about it in June 2021.  She features in one of the summaries below:

6 March 2019 –

Attendance problems of Adult Learners

click here


13 February 2019 –

Differentiation Strategies

click here

Why Differentiated Instruction

17 October 2018 –

Digital Tools for Young Learners

click here

Vicky Digital Tools

22 November 2017 –

Virtual Reality in Use

click here

Raquels cardboard headsets
Raquel’s cardboard boxes.

8 November 2017 –

The Ideal Staffroom

click here

Staffroom (The Big Idea Group)

28 June 2017 –

Classroom Spaces – inside and out

click here

Matthew - Sri Lanka

17 May 2017 –

Do we forget to teach learning strategies?

click here

Learning Strategies - pexels-photo-212286 (smaller)

18 January 2017 –

1-2-1 Teaching Tips

click here 


23 November 2016 –

Teaching Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Issues

click here 


22 January 2014 –

Pre-packaged, marketable language learning

click here

Bookcase by @mkofab
Bookcase by @mkofab

29 May 2013 –

Exploiting Short Film and Video Clips

click here to read this on my previous blog.

Short Films and Video Clips

6 March 2013 –

Using corpora in the classroom

click here to read this on my previous blog.

BNC Screenshot

28 November 2012 –

How do you balance personal/professional life?

click here

Work-Life Balance

10 October 2012 –

What is mindfulness and how can it be used in ELT?

click here to read this on my previous blog.  There was also an #ELTchat podcast, in which I was interviewed by James Taylor – click here.

Kung Fu Panda - Yesterday is History Mindfulness

11 July 2012 –

How can we best teach S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G?

click here to read this on my previous blog.

Spelling Montage Remixed

2 November 2011 –

Virtual Learning Environments

click here to read this on my previous blog.


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