Being an ESOL tutor. An Interview with Kamil Gwozdz

On 7 April, I was interviewed for a Masters research project by Kamil Gwozdz, a student at Leeds Beckett University in the UK and an ESOL teacher in Leeds.  His research title is: ‘Attitudes of Further Education ESOL Teachers Towards Teaching Mixed-Ability ESOL Classes in the UK.’  It came just as I was trying to adapt the delivery of my English for Driving Theory course to my learners, which I wrote about in my last post and is mentioned in the interview.  This was a chance for me to verbalise some of my thoughts from my experience as an ESOL tutor in Norwich over the past couple of years.  It was also an opportunity to get some frustrations and limitations off my chest.

You can watch the full interview below and access Kamil’s full transcript here.

Links mentioned in the interview:

New Routes Integration (Norwich)

Dealing with Problems of Adult Learners – an #ELTchat summary

On Differentiation Strategies – an ELTchat summary



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