I have just completed the production of a full-length, 90 minute film, which is entitled ‘GoGoLily’. It is the story of my 9 year-old niece’s attempt to visit all 50 GoGoHares in the city of Norwich on one day last month, starting with Hannah Nelson’s ‘moongazer’ in Fakenham, where Lily lives.

The complete film, which has been a real ‘labour of love’, has been made into a DVD which will be given to her on her 10th birthday later this month. I am able to share one part of it here, which shows her finding the first ten hares. This 15 minute clip has already been shared by the official @GoGoHares Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as by GoGoCreate, who were responsible for the trail of 168 leverets, designed by Norfolk schoolchildren, including Lily’s own school – Fakenham junior.

You can watch the 15 minute video below and on YouTube:

In addition to this, Lily went back to Norwich on 7 October for the Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow exhibition featuring all the hares. She tried to recall all their names, before interviewing six of the artists outside the forum. You can see that complete short film by clicking on the link below.


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