My name is Phil Longwell.  I live in the United Kingdom. I am known online as ‘Teacher Phili’, which was a nickname that some children in a Tanzanian orphanage called me and it stuck!  It has been my Twitter handle since August 2009.  I have been an English language teacher since 2006.

From November 2021, I will be a study skills tutor with the Centre for Collaborative Learning at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.  I have recently been employed by Adult Learning (Norfolk County Council) as a non-accredited tutor and trainer (2017-21).  Previously I was an ESOL tutor with Norfolk Community Learning Services.  For two consecutive summers (2020-21), I worked for the English Language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield, on their 10-week pre-sessional programme.

I have worked for several other organisations over the years.  For example, I was employed by INTO UEA (2017-20) on two consecutive pre-sessional courses and as an IELTS invigilator throughout the year.  Between 2009-11, I had several short-term contracts with Bell Educational Trust, including one that lead to a 5 month ‘tour of duty’ in Riyadh.  I have also worked in South Korea (2007-8), Beijing (2009-10) and Vietnam (2012).

I am also a freelance English language tutor who has previously taught face-to-face, but now offers only online tutoring.

For three years (also 2017-20), I was a committee member of the IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest Group, including being newsletter editor, then webmaster.  Finally, I have carried out promotional work for Teacher Training Videos (2017-2020), along with some occasional social media work for ELT Training since 2020.

This WordPress site is my space to write about my experiences in English Language Teaching, conferences, webinars, ELTchat summaries, reflections and a place to showcase some of the films that I have created (2006-21).  It also acts as my personal and public blog.

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last updated: August 2021